Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce has now become one of the best and most exciting cooking shows to appear on the All4  platform and Channel 4’s Youtube last year. 

The show started off as a digital commission for the channel 4 YouTube page but due to the success of the show it has now transitioned onto All 4, the digital online hub where consumers can watch all content from Channel 4.

With over 1 Million views accumulated, the show has now been renewed for a second season with 10 Episodes

Chunkz goes head-to-head with a famous guest to recreate a family favourite recipe. The guest’s relative picks the winner – will they favour their family member’s flavour, or will Mum choose Chunkz?

Episode 1

Julie Adenuga and Her Mum Ify: Chunkz and Julie Adenuga see who can make the best Nigerian beef stew and rice

Episode 2

Ms Banks and Her Mum Cleopatra: Chunkz battles Ms Banks to see whose chickpea curry and chapati is best

Episode 3

Stevo The Madman and His Daughter Leah: Stevo The Madman’s daughter Leah competes with Chunkz to make the best Jamaican curry

Episode 4

Nella Rose and Her Uncle Elvis: Chunkz and YouTuber Nella Rose see who can make the best mikate (African doughnuts)

Episode 5

S1mba and His Mum Annah: Chunk battles singer S1mba to see who can make the best Zimbabwean chicken casserole

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